Eversince 5th Anniversary Capsule Collection - Lustrum: A Half-Decade of Street Grace

In the world of urban fashion, milestones are not just measured in time but in the pulse of the streets. As Eversince marks its 5th anniversary, we proudly unveil the Lustrum Capsule Collection – a manifestation of five years of street grace, resilience, and style evolution.

Lustrum, a term signifying a five-year period, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this milestone collection. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving landscape of street fashion, each piece in Lustrum exudes a unique blend of grit and grace.

The Lustrum collection harmonizes the raw energy of the streets with a refined sense of style. From bold typography to street art-inspired graphics, the Lustrum collection pays homage to the roots of urban culture. The pieces seamlessly marry comfort with style, ensuring they stand out in the cityscape while embracing the wearer in a street grace that is both timeless and contemporary.

As we celebrate five years of crafting streetwear with an attitude, Lustrum represents not just a collection but a story told in threads and textures. Each stitch echoes the resilience, innovation, and authenticity that define the Eversince brand.

Join us in commemorating this landmark with the Lustrum Capsule Collection. Whether you're navigating the city streets or making a statement on the urban runway, let Lustrum be your sartorial companion.

Here's to five years of Eversince – a journey marked not only by fashion but by the enduring grace of the streets. Step into Lustrum, where street style meets its most graceful expression.

Eversince Lustrum