Fusion Fused Orange

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In an exciting collaboration that celebrates local creativity and innovation, Eversince and Viinic Eyewear have joined forces to unveil a remarkable street fusion eyewear collection. Hailing from Malaysia, these two esteemed brands have seamlessly merged their distinct visions to craft an unparalleled product that resonates with both fashion enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

This collaborative venture is a harmonious union of street style and clear vision. Eversince, known for its urban edge and artistic flair, combines forces with Viinic Eyewear, a brand that exemplifies precision and quality in eyewear craftsmanship. The result? A synergy that not only complements each other's strengths but elevates the concept of eyewear to new heights.

- Premium Nylon Polarized & UV400 Protection Lens
- Oversized Frame
- Gloss Frame
- Square Shape
- Acetate Material
- Eco-friendly plastic (BPA-free and 100% recycled materials)


Frame Front: 14.8cm, Frame Side: 15cm

Lens Width: 5.4cm, Lens Height: 5.6cm


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